Cowboy quarterback Josh Allen’s “stats aren’t flattering.” That was a firm grasp on the obvious by Sports Illustrated’s Albert Breer in “Why Josh Allen Is the Draft’s Most Polarizing Prospect.” The article starts with all of Josh’s numbers noticeably down from 2016. It's okay, though, because that was just Albert’s way of setting up a huge “but.”

What a difference a year makes and this year has actually made Josh better. After Albert’s “but” comes the irony in how it turns out good for a kid about to go to another level – the NFL.

Coach Bohl explained to SI how the make-up of the team around Josh suddenly changed, “We had an exodous. ... It forces you to play better, and he has done that.”

Recently texting about football with my brother in the Southeast (where, “If you ain’t SEC, you ain’t nuthin’”), our Wyoming qb came up.

It gets frustrating to watch after he had receivers and could have gone round one, himself, but came back to this. His own numbers are worse and draft stock lower because he’s got NO RECEIVERS. Josh is better, but rest of the offense is awful!  So 7-3 makes Josh look really good. When he gets on an NFL roster with guys who can catch, that team is going to love him. AND HE CAN RUN. (Too often that's how we have to move the chains.)

It's so frustrating to watch, we can imagine how Josh feels. Only a rare time or two have I ever seen that frustrated look, so Josh is mentally tougher than I am. ... Go Pokes.

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