col&tasha, Flickr
col&tasha, Flickr

CHEYENNE, Wyo. (AP) — The district court clerk in Cheyenne had sealed legal filings from a Wyoming inmate who says new DNA testing proves he's innocent of a rape charge for which he's served 23 years in prison.

Lawyers for inmate Andrew J. Johnson in December asked a judge to allow new DNA testing. Johnson's lawyers filed a request Tuesday for a new trial saying testing at a state laboratory proves he wasn't the source of biological material taken from the victim.

The Laramie County District Court Clerk's Office declined to release Johnson's legal filings on Wednesday.

Court Clerk Sandy Landers said Thursday she had decided to keep the filings confidential because they contained medical information. She said County Attorney Mark Voss advised her Thursday to release the filings but not the lab results.

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