Todd Feezer began his time in Laramie on Monday, marking the beginning of a transitional period before he officially becomes the City of Laramie’s new Director of Parks and Recreation.

Current Director Paul Harrison will retire on March 4, after 35 years with the City.

Feezer is a Casper native.  He has Parks and Recreation work experience in Casper and Cheyenne, where he was the department’s assistant director before taking the director job in Laramie.

“I’m a Wyoming guy,” says Feezer.  “I’m born and bred, and I love Wyoming.”

Feezer says he and Harrison have known each other through the Wyoming Recreation and Parks Association through the past 20 years.

"I would say that we’re actually friends with each other,” says Feezer.  “I’m looking forward to working together for a few months while he’s still there to get my feet wet and learn from him what he’s doing and where the programs are going.”

“We’ve got a great relationship,” says Feezer.

One thing in Laramie that Cheyenne doesn’t have is a recreation center.  Feezer says he is looking forward to all the advantages that the building provides.

“It is gorgeous,” says Feezer.  “The recent addition is beautiful, and that’s one of the top things for me coming over to Laramie.”

Feezer says he is looking forward to getting a feel for how the operations in Laramie have been running and what, if any, changes residents would like to see.

“That’s the most important thing,” says Feezer.  “I’ve got to find a way to really quickly get a feel for the City of Laramie, their citizens, and what their desires are before I come in and say that I want to make a bunch of changes.”

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