The Wyoming Game and Fish Department is warning anglers that there are penalties for moving live fish in the state.

This is after discovering illegally introduced fish in Hick Finn Pond.

Fisheries biologists received a tip about possible largemouth bass in the pond around mid-August. After an investigation, they caught a 15.2-inch largemouth bass at the exact location the tipster reported seeing it, and also caught a brown trout.
While both fish would be excellent catches for one or two children, neither species belongs in Huck Finn Pond.

Biologists dissected the bass and discovered a native Iowa Darter in its stomach.

Illegal fish introductions can destroy valuable sport fisheries and native fish populations. Penalties may include lifetime revocation of Wyoming hunting and fishing privileges, a fine up to $10,000, up to a year in jail, and penalties incurred by the department in removing the fish.

Wyoming fishing regulations can be found online at

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