Hundreds of people helped to break a World Record in Laramie this week.

The Cowboy Country Swing Club at the University of Wyoming planned an event to break the Guinness World Record for the Largest Swing Dance. Planning began months ago, and it was no easy task. Officials with the club had to contact Guinness and follow all of their protocols to ensure the record breaking event would count. Next came things like finding a proper venue, working on a sign-in process, getting a band, finding the right song, deciding on which moves to do, and getting the word out to enough people to break the record.

On Thursday, April 30, 2015, the Cowboy County Swing Club achieved their goal and broke the world record.

They didn't only break it, they completely shattered it. A total of 1,184 people danced at the event. The previous record was held by the Grand Rapids Original Swing Society, and had been standing at 756 participant since August of 2012.

That means the record took a giant step forward with 428 extra people dancing in Laramie.

Everyone had to do the same moves at the same time, something that proved challenging. The club decided on four basic moves: the basic step, the basic spin the girl, basic dip, and the belt loop. Those moves were then called out over the music so everyone could stay in sync.

Once all the documentation is submitted, the club should receive word that Guinness has accepted the record within six to eight weeks.

Congratulations to the Cowboy Country Swing Club on their world record!

Watch the video of GoPro footage as someone dances in the world record break.

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