These days, it’s almost unusual for a couple not to be living together before getting married, meaning when they do tie the knot they often already have items such as food processors and linen sets — which have long been staples of the traditional wedding registry.

So more and more couples are eschewing this tradition and opting for honeymoon registries. According to the website, this is how the registry works:

“Once [the couple] have selected their honeymoon location, couples then choose which ‘honeymoon experiences and memories’ they would like to have, such as snorkeling and diving excursions, hikes, tours, golfing, massages, romantic dinners, and more. Couples then send their wedding guests a link to their registry where guests can make their gift purchases.”

In other words, wedding guests buy the bride and groom “memories,” rather than something more tangible, like a duvet set. So, what do you think about this new trend in gifting?