In commemoration of Holocaust Remembrance Week, the University of Wyoming has organized a number of events to express the history of the Holocaust and the plight of those who perished.

There will be numerous observances and events ongoing through Sunday, November 13.  All are shown with the disclaimer that viewer discretion is advised.

One of the most significant proceedings will be a week-long 'Reading of the Names,' wherein names of some of those lost will be read aloud. UW Hillel advisor Wendy Berelson writes of the importance and profound nature of this action saying, "By reading aloud the names of victims during Holocaust Remembrance Week, we restore their humanity, honor their memory, and recognize that the six-million victims were individual men, women, and children."  This will take place each weekday from 10:30 AM until 3:30 PM in the Skylight Lounge of the Wyoming Union.

Another part of the Remembrance Week that will occur daily is a presentation titled 'Holocaust: A History,' a compilation of words and photographs telling the history of the Holocaust.  This will be on display in the Wyoming Union Gallery through Friday, November 11.

On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, there will be free screenings of films from 7-9 PM in the Family Room of the Wyoming Union.  In order, the movies will be "A Film Unfinished," "Paragraph 175," and "Au Revoir Les Enfants."

Wednesday will also feature a panel discussion regarding victims of the Holocaust.  This is scheduled to begin at noon in the West Yellowstone Ballroom of the Wyoming Union and will feature statements and a question and answer period.

In the Education Auditorium at 12:30 PM on Thursday, Estelle Nadel, a child survivor of the Holocaust will share her experiences.  As described in the press release for her story, "Nadel was a mere six years old when the Nazis invaded her rural Polish village, murdered her father, and forced the remainder of her family into hiding.  By the time of the Russian liberation in 1945, only Nadel and two of her brothers survived."  Nadel's appearance at UW is sponsored by UW Hillel, ASUW and the Laramie Jewish Community Center.

Concluding the Remembrance Week on Sunday, November 13, there will be a performance by the Colorado Hebrew Chorale, at 2 PM with a reception to follow.  This performance will take place in the West Yellowstone Ballroom and food is provided.

Broad definitions of the Holocaust, including the persecution of European Jewry, Soviet Prisoners of War, Ethnic Poles, Romani, Disabled persons, Freemasons, Slovenes, Homosexuals and Jehovah's Witnesses.

The estimated total number of victims exceeds 20 million.