This is why keeping healthy resolutions is so difficult!

Can we all be honest for a second? Keeping New Year's resolutions is hard, especially when they involve healthy eating. I mean, how in the world are we supposed to quit holiday treats and turn to celery sticks in less than 24 hours? And what makes things worse is that right after we start feeling good about our progress, the Girl Scout cookies arrive.

Not that I'm complaining.

See, I love Girl Scout cookies. I love to keep Thin Mints in my freezer because everyone knows they're more delicious that way. And each year, my strategy is to have a "taste" and eat them in moderation. However, as you know, not many people can have just one Girl Scout cookie and then put the box back in the freezer. And don't even get me started on sneaking back into the kitchen after midnight.

Maybe it's best if we prepare for the arrival of the cookies.

Perhaps if we know they are coming, we will be more prepared. With that being said, the Girl Scouts of Montana and Wyoming will begin selling their cookies in early February. If my math serves me correctly on their countdown, we will see those delightful treats on February 5.

The Girl Scouts will also conveniently list out all of the places you can purchase your cookies across the area. Just use the Find Cookies tool to buy in person or search through the app. You can also order your cookies online through the Digital Cookie platform. To find out more about how to get your favorite boxes, you can log onto

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