People in Laramie have the opportunity to learn about native herbs at an event Saturday, July 19. A walking tour in the Snowy Range will teach people about native herbs and their usage.

The tour is led by herbalist and ethnobotanist Karin Guernsey. Guernsey, co-founder of the Herb House at 212 South Second Street in Laramie, is an expert on local plants. Guernsey will take people on a scouting trip looking for herbs native to the area. In addition, she will educate people on the various uses of the plants found.

According to Suzanne Lewis with Laramie Local Foods, the tour offers the chance to find all kinds of local herbs including those that are edible and some for medicinal purposes.

Those wishing to participate are to meet at the Herb House before 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 19. The tour will involve carpooling to the Snowy Range. The carpools will leave at 9 a.m. Lewis says the tour will likely head back to Laramie around noon.

People are encouraged to bring sun screen and bug spray for the tour. In addition, participants will be required to provide their own water and any snacks they desire for the trip.

Anyone wishing to collect samples may do so. They are encouraged to bring a notebook, scotch tape and a pen for collection and identification of the herbs.

The event is organized by Laramie Local Foods with support from the Laramie Rivers Conservation District.

For more details, contact Suzanne Lewis from Laramie Local Foods at (307) 761-9090.

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