This ad appeared in Friday's edition of the Wyoming Tribune Eagle, in the classified section.

I wonder how hard the editors laughed when they received the request to print the ad.

The ad lists Liz Cheney's job as OPEN with several qualifications for applicants included like: MUST carry out the will of the Wyoming voters.

Read the full add in the photo above. It is hysterical. But is likely to bring a tear to your eye at the same time- whether it be through despair or aggravation.

Not included is how you can apply for this job. That's easy. Just visit Cheyenne and go to the Wyoming Secretary Of State office. Details of what you need to apply for this job are on the website, linked here.

So far only one other person has applied for this job. You can find out more about him at this link.

This means that there are only two applicants for the job at this time. The current employee has her bosses mad as hell at her right now. So, you've got a good chance if you apply and start the interview process right away.

The interview alone will take you all over the state. You'll need a new set of tires by the time you are done.

Let me know if you plan to apply. Good luck!

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