Guernsey State Park is a popular nature escape for Wyomingites looking to enjoy a day of fishing or boating. However, in the next few weeks, water-related activities on Guernsey Reservoir will reduce dramatically as water levels shrink. The good news is that the shrinking water levels are normal, planned, and serve a good purpose.

Why Is Guernsey Reservoir Shrinking?

Guernsey Reservoir will see a reduction in water levels as part of the planned irrigation of Goshen, Gering-Fort Laramie, and Pathfinder Irrigation Districts by the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. During the irrigation period, the Guernsey Reservoir waters help fuel hydropower in Eastern Wyoming and Western Nebraska.

The irrigation season's annual "silt run" happens around the same time every year at Glendo and Guernsey. In addition to helping with hydropower, the operation also assists in regional irrigation development.

What Do the Shrinking Waters Mean for Recreation?

On July 5, the water flow from Glendo to Guernsey Reservoir will shrink from 4800 cubic feet per second to around 2,000. As a result, the waters of Guernsey will be too low for boating by July 9.

Park visitors anticipating the use of the lake are encouraged to plan their activities based on water levels and changing river flows at Glendo and Guernsey.

When Does Boating Resume at Guernsey?

Waters from Glendo will return to normal flow capacity to Guernsey beginning July 24. Boaters can anticipate returning to normal water levels at Guernsey around July 30.

Other Recreation Options Are Available at Guernsey and Glendo State Parks

Though Guernsey Reservoir will remain closed to boating until the silt run ends around July 30, both parks offer plenty of other activities. Hiking, geocaching, camping, horseback riding, and picnicking are other popular pursuits in the state parks.

For more information on Glendo State Park, click here. For more information on Guernsey State Park, click here.

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