Two of the three Republican candidates in the Wyoming Gubernatorial Race, met to debate issues pertaining to Wyoming's future.

Incumbent Governor Matt Mead, and Dr. Taylor Haynes met at Casper College in their first debate.

Among the issues debated included energy, education and Common CORE, tribal relations, and in particular the recent EPA decision, the federal government, refugees and gay marriage.

Haynes says regardless of who the Governor is, the candidates have to address these issues and others in a campaign, as if they already were the Governor.

"These things come across your desk and you have to deal with them in a real way. Smooth, soft talk doesn't cut it. The Governor has to get out there with his hands on and deal with these things."

Mead says not all candidates see various issues the same way, and it's up to the voters to decide what issues are the most important to them.

"Part of the point of debates is to see what the differences are and you see there are some stark differences in areas and so as far as we're concerned, we've got a good record to run on, and we're going to try to do more in the future."

Current Wyoming Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill, who is also a Republican candidate for Governor, did not participate in the debate.

However, according to her Facebook page, she is scheduled to appear in Casper on Wednesday, July 16th at 6pm, at 300 North Forest Drive.

The Wyoming Primary Election is scheduled for Tuesday, August 19th.

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