A spokesman for a group that is working to fight the legalization of pot in Wyoming says products such as pot edibles threaten to make people dumber and hurt Wyoming's ability to compete in the world.

Dr. Kevin Sabet is the President of Smart Approaches to Marijuana (SAM). He says his group is not out to lock people up, adding "I really don't care if an adult smokes a joint now and then. That's not the issue."

But Dr. Sabet says he is concerned about such commercial weed products as pot edibles, including candy and similar items. He says those products '"are targeting our kids. They're making us a lot dumber and hurting our ability to compete in the world."

He says it's important to realize that today's marijuana is much more potent than the weed of the 1970s. He says marijuana use can decrease IQ scores by 8 points and presents a greater risk of psychosis and various forms of mental illness.

You can hear the interview Dr. Sabet conducted with Glenn Woods on the ''Wake Up Wyoming" program on the Wyoming Townsquare Media News/Talk radio stations in the audio clip attached to this interview.

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