We're past the halfway mark of another pro football season, and that means KOWB and Modern Printing's annual Gridiron Gold pro football pick 'em contest is starting to wind down. Each week during this 2013 pro football season KOWB is giving you a chance to win $5000.

To win the $5000 prize, an entry must have a perfect card, including the exact score of the tie-breaker game. Weekly winners are awarded $50 for first place and $25 for second place. Winners are notified by phone, and please be sure to follow all the rules listed on the back of the card each week.

Thanks to all those who have participated so far this season. There's still more opportunities to win, so stop by a sponsor location, fill out a card properly and turn it in. Good luck from KOWB.

We wish to thank our sponsors of this year's contest. Here's where you can pick-up your Gridiron Gold cards each week:

  1. The Still Package Liquor Store (1602 Spring Creek Dr.)
  2. Grease Monkey (225 Wister Drive)
  3. The West Laramie Fly Store (1657 Snowy Range Rd.)
  4. McDonald's (3000 E Grand Ave.)
  5. McDonald's - West Laramie(1666 Snowy Range Rd.)
  6. The Brown and Gold Outlet (311 S 21st St.)
  7. ACPE Federal Credit Union (2835 E Grand Ave.)
  8. Laramie GM Auto Center (3600 E Grand Ave.)
  9. First Interstate Bank - downtown branch (221 E Ivinson St.)
  10. First Interstate Bank - West Laramie branch (1771 Snowy Range Rd.)
  11. Laramie Auto Parts (606 S 2nd St)
  12. Uni-Wyo Federal Credit Union (1610 E Reynolds St.)
  13. The University Store (in the Wyoming Union Bldg)
  14. Townsquare Media Laramie studios (3525 Soldier Springs Rd.)

Congratulations to the weekly winners of the $50 and $25 prizes. They are as follows:

Week 1: Karen Royce of Laramie, 1st place; Andrea Benedict of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 2: Rod Trees of Cheyenne, 1st place; Ed Clark of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 3: Kay Palasz of Lincoln, NE, 1st place; Arlene Geer of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 4: Larry Osborne, Sr. of Laramie, 1st place; Lorraine Van Zee of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 5: Terrance Reese of Laramie, 1st place; Barney Hayes of Morristown, AZ, 2nd place

Week 6: Amber Bruner of Laramie, 1st place; Brandon Osborne of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 7: Paul Hardy of South Jordan, UT, 1st place; Cameron Nuss of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 8: Shannyn Adkins of Laramie, 1st place; Barney Hayes of Arizona, 2nd place

Week 9: Bernard Nanna, Jr of Pennsylvania, 1st place; Susan Lescznske of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 10: Larry Osborne, Jr. of Laramie, 1st place; Andrea Benedict of Laramie, 2nd place

Week 11: John Coca of Laramie, 1st place; Michael Elliott of Laramie, 2nd place - on points tie-breaker

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