Governor Matt Mead announced Monday he was reappointing John Corra and Jason Fearneyhough as the Directors of the Wyoming Departments of Environmental Quality and Agriculture, respectively.

"These men have shown vision and competence in leading their agencies and letting them continue their work is in the best interest of our state and our people." -Governor Mead

Corra has served as the Director of the Wyoming DEQ for eight years.  He says he welcomes the opportunity from Governor Mead and says:

"Our goal is to make high quality decisions that enable the use of our environment in a responsible manner." -John Corra

Fearneyhough has led the Wyoming Department of Agriculture for a year and a half.  He says he shares Governor Mead's vision for efficiencies in government and is looking forward to the department preparing for the 100th anniversary of the Wyoming State Fair in 2012.

"To continue this tradition, I have made a personal commitment to Governor Mead to find ways to improve state fairgrounds operations to help ensure the Wyoming State Fair continues for another 100 years." -Jason Fearneyhough

Both Corra and Fearneyhough have agreed to sign the Governor's commitment to improve their agencies and make them more efficient.

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