Governor Mark Gordon went over the modifications to the health orders which were made on April 28 during a press conference on the same day.

He first addressed people who were worried about the economy, stating that the state of Wyoming never closed the economy, but put restrictions in place for public safety. He also stated that the economy is tied to the national and global economy, also stating that Wyoming is one of the top four states who will lead this nation back to recovery.

The Governor stated that Wyoming was ahead of neighboring states, saying that Colorado was planning on parroting the state's approach. He further stated that the government will continue to take a methodically measured approach. As progress is seen, the government can move forward.

Dr. Alexia Harrist came up to explain why these specific guidelines were chosen, stating that the first steps forward must be smaller steps and that it is too soon to take giant leaps.

She stated that by easing open restrictions where people have contact with limited people (salons, barbershops, etc), it is setting a baseline for where most of Wyoming can be right now.

She stressed that social distancing critical, stating that we will be in the midst of a pandemic for awhile. She was, however, hopeful that we are on a forward path.

Regarding places of worship, Dr. Harrist stated that the limiting of gatherings applies to all types of situations. She stated, however, that each county can still ask for exemptions regarding that.

Governor Gordon finished by saying that to bring the economy back steadily, it is essential to not lose the ground which we have gained.

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