Are you familiar with the term "goga," a.k.a. goat yoga? It's been quite the trend on social media. I mean, adorable baby goats doing yoga with you? Sounds like an interesting (and adorable) time.

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Well, if you've ever been interested in a sesh of yoga with a goat partner, I have news for you! You can grab your yoga mat this Saturday and enjoy a goat yoga session at a scenic Wyoming ranch.

Goat Yoga #Wyoming Style

At Pine Ranch just outside Carpenter, Wyoming, goga is just one of their offerings. The ranch also offers visitors horse riding, goat milking, butter making, and other farm experiences. But, back to the goat yoga.

What exactly goes into it? Do baby goats just wander around and decide to crawl on top of you as they choose? Well, not quite. According to Pine Ranch's website, baby goats are guided by trainers to interact with yoga students. And, after class, you get a cuddle session with the goats. Sign me up!

So, I know what you're wondering about, uh...the risks of goat yoga. Yes, there is a risk that a baby goat will do its business during class...but the good news is that trainers will pick up any accidents. And there's very little chance of a goat munching on a ponytail since they get fed throughout the session.

You can find more information about the goat yoga sessions at Pine Ranch by visiting their website.

Not sure if "goga" is for you? Maybe some sweet pics and videos can convince you otherwise. Check out the overwhelming level of cuteness and stress relief that goes down at a session of goat yoga:

Adorable Baby Goats

Baby Goats Just Climbing Around

Yoga with the Goats

Event Details

  • When: Saturday, August 27 at 9:30 a.m. (website recommends arriving 30 minutes early.)
  • Where: Pine Ranch (815 County Road 154 Carpenter, WY 82054)
  • Cost: $35 (based on the website information.)
  • Additional Information: Click here.

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