Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney asked a few simple questions of a panel regarding the Green New Deal’s call to phase out air travel.

“My constituents are obviously very concerned about this notion that we are somehow going to transition over the course of 10 years here to an economy that is entirely run on green energy,” Cheney said.“Certainly, they have concerns about the fossil fuel aspect of that.”

“I have to say, one of the issues that people are particularly concerned about is the extent to which we are no longer going to have air travel, apparently,” Cheney continued.

The panel was made up of four Democrat and two Republican witnesses. She wanted to know how they got to DC, and a few other questions about fazing out air travel, like what would happen if someone needed to be life flighted to a hospital to save them.

“I would depend on the FAA and the other federal agencies that focus on air travel to tackle that question,” Chandra Farley, the Director of Just Energy answered. (RELATED: Liz Cheney Urges Republicans To ‘Fight Hard’ Against Democrats’ Socialist Ideas)

She then wanted to know who would be making travel decisions for individual Americans.

“I would assume we’re going to set up a situation where the FAA can tell individual citizens which of their air travel is worthy and important and what isn’t,” Cheney replied. “It would seem to me we would then have a situation where the FAA could say for example, you know what, vacation travel, that’s not essential. We have to make sure that we can do the air travel for the people that really need it, so no vacation travel.”

Cheney asked who among them supports Representative Ocasio-Cortez’s (D-NY) proposal.

After a moment of silence, one of the environmental experts on the panel chimed in to say she supports many of the recommendations outlined in the Green New Deal.

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