Washington Governor Jay Inslee and Attorney General Bob Ferguson say they met with U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder, but Holder didn't give any clues about whether the Justice Department will sue to try and prevent Washington and Colorado from creating legal marijuana markets.

The two states voted last fall to legalize recreational marijuana use by adults over the age of 21 and to create state-licensed systems of growers, processors and retails stores that sell the drug.  The creation of those regulatory schemes poses a possible conflict with federal marijuana laws, and the D.O.J. hasn't said whether it will seek to block the laws in court.

Gov. Inslee told reporters in Washington State that his state will move forward to establish rules for the market.  He sais it was a collegial meeting and that Holder asked a lot of questions.

Meanwhile, the City Council in Fruita, Colorado has voted to impose an immediate moratorium on private marijuana clubs.

Colorado voters approved Amendment 64 in November to legalize the possession of small amounts of marijuana, but there are still legislative and regulatory issues to be resolved before retailers can start selling it.

However, entrepreneurs in Denver and elsewhere have made moves to open private clubs where people can pay a fee, bring their own marijuana and smoke with others.

According to an Associated Press report, the Fruita City Council unanimously approved an emergency ordinance Tuesday to temporarily block anyone from starting one there.

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