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If like me, you grew up in the late '80s and '90s, we share a unique bond because of a certain breed of commercials that were all over the cable TV of our youth: Compilation Albums.

Sure, there were music albums in the '70s and before there were made up of hits of the day, or songs in a genre. But, as we got into that weird period between Born in the USA and Nevermind, the commercials for compilation albums nearly became an art form. They were not quite infomercials, but the mashed-up bits of the songs used in the commercial became a song itself that my siblings and I could sing along with.

These commercials aren't much of a thing anymore, but thanks to YouTube, we can still see them, and get lost in a time-eating nostalgia hole. And finding one of these CDs in a used bin or at the thrift store is a special kind of joy.

Let's start with what is probably the most famous of them all. It's a tale of two hippies, lounging for the good old day while they lounge in front of their van.  It's FREEDOM ROCK! Well, turn it up, man!

Next, we go from looking back to looking at the present. If you were living n the '90s, you probably jumped around to these unbelievable songs (and kinda wanted to slap this dude).

If you needed to relax but didn't want to buy an entire Enigma album, there was Pure Moods to your rescue.

And when it's time for lovin' then it's time to break out the Monster Ballads

If you were feeling nostalgic for elementary school, there there was Totaly 80s.

This is one of my legit favorite collections. From the folks at Time-Life, it's AM Gold.

Country music was there too. Because of this commercial, I know a handful of lyrics to Marty Robbins' song "El Paso."

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