This year if you plan on going to the Super Bowl you can spend a little extra money on a better ticket.  Mercedes-Benz stadium has lowered prices for concessions at the Super Bowl LIII, according to ESPN.

If you went to Mile High Stadium in Denver this past year, then you know expensive it is just to have a beer and a hot dog. This year's Super Bowl is in Atlanta at the Mercedes-Benz stadium and instead of putting the prices through the roof, Arthur Blank, owner of the Atlanta Falcons and the stadium, has lowered the prices and made them more than reasonable.

Now let's compare these prices to Mile High stadium concessions.

  • Refillable Souvenir Cup- $9
  • Bottle of Water- $5
  • Pretzels- $4.75
  • Hot Dogs- $4.75
  • Refillable Souvenir Popcorn- $9
  • Nachos- $5 and Up
  • Pizza- $8
  • Draft Beer- $7.75 for Draft, $9.75 for Premium Draft
  • Chicken Sandwich $9

Prices for Mile High courtesy of Stadium Journey.

Remember, the average ticket for the Super Bowl is $2,500 to $3,000.  So, every little bit counts.

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