The days are starting to get colder and shorter, which can only mean one thing: winter is coming. With the increased amount of time spent indoors, most people will get a chance to catch up on their reading list. If you're feeling a little bit of cabin fever, taking a couple of hours to read in these local spots can help break you out of a rut.


  • Caitlin Anderle/Townquare Media

    Alma Doke McMurry Reading Room

    Tucked deep in Coe Library, the Alma Doke McMurry Reading Room provides a quiet respite from the hectic nature of everyday life. The room houses a number of inviting couches and chairs perfect to read (or take a quick nap) in. The room also has several large windows that let in natural light, but without the wind and snow that often permeates Laramie in the cold months.

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    Coal Creek Coffee

    The smell of espresso can be a calming one, and is the perfect companion for an afternoon of reading. The couches and decorated tables also add to the cozy atmosphere of Coal Creek and make it a wonderful reading location.

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    Albany County Public Library

    The Albany County Public Library is a reader's dream. In addition to the comfy sofas located in the back of the library, the nearly inexhaustible reading supply can keep a bookworm happy for years. Although the catalog is already pretty expansive, titles are being added every week, keeping bookworms in Laramie busy.

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    Night Heron Bookstore

    Located downtown, Night Heron sells used books, making it the perfect place to spend an afternoon browsing and reading. Night Heron also makes sandwiches and coffee, allowing readers to snack or enjoy their favorite coffee beverage while reading or perusing their 2 levels of used books. As an added bonus, Night Heron offers punch cards for customers buying their used books.

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    The Grounds

    Located just north of downtown, the Grounds has a welcoming atmosphere for readers of all kinds. Like Night Heron, they also make coffee and sandwiches for readers enjoying books or students looking for a place to work on group projects. The electric fireplace located in the back also provides a warm environment for those looking to escape the chilly weather ouside.