Happy 307 Day. Observed every year on March 7th, the holiday honors the great state of Wyoming and the people who live here. Check out these five fun facts about our area code.

1. 307 was one of the 86 original area codes established by the Bell Telephone company in 1947.

2. Wyoming is one of only 11 states with only one area code.

3. Wyoming will probably never need another area code. Each three-digit code has a capacity of 7,919,900 phone numbers, over 14 times the Cowboy State's entire population.

4. The highest prefix in the 307 area code is 999, allocated for the town of Moran in Teton County. The lowest prefix, 200, is dedicated to Jackson. There is no 666 prefix Wyoming (or 420).

5. One year, the Wyoming Office of Tourism officially declared March 7th as "Wyoming Pride Day". For some folks, every day is 307 Day.

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