Same-sex marriage is now legal in Wyoming, and one same-sex couple has already filled out forms for their marriage license. Linda Mahaffey and Teresa Bingham were the first same sex couple to be issued a marriage license in Albany County, Wyo. with many more couples expected to follow.

The couple walked into the court house shortly before 10 a.m. on Tuesday, October 21 for their license, and weren’t surprised to see a crowd of people awaiting for them.  Several onlookers watched as the couple filled out their application.

When asked how they felt while waiting for same-sex marriage to become legal in the state, Bingham said it was really just a waiting game.

“We knew it would happen eventually, we just didn’t know how soon it would happen,” she said. “So we’re super excited that it happened so quickly. We were expecting maybe by the end of the year, something like that, but with this last ruling it just pushed it through super quick.”

The couple said they did not initially intend to be the first same-sex couple to fill out their forms in Albany County.

“We weren’t really planning on it, as far as being the absolute first, but it just totally worked out that way,” said Bingham.

“We’re not ashamed of it, we’re okay with it,” Mahaffey added to an agreeing fiancé.

Albany County Clerk Jackie Gonzales says as of 1:45 p.m. on October 21, Bingham and Mahaffey are the only same-sex couple to apply. She says they have had multiple inquiries, though, about the process. She adds that the website will soon be updated to say that same-sex marriage is now legal.

"It's an exciting moment for the whole state of Wyoming, but, I'm sure, especially for the couple," says Gonzales.

The couple said they are indeed very excited to get married and can’t wait for their wedding day to come.

The process for the marriage license was finalized shortly after 10:30 a.m., and the couple is now legal to wed. The two plan to marry in July in the Laramie area.

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