Fifteen seniors from the University of Wyoming are working on three outdoor recreation-based projects this spring semester as part of their degrees in outdoor recreation and tourism management.

This is the student's first "professional semester" in the degree program, in which they have a suite of classes taken together, including capstone projects which are tied to a specific community in the state. Fremont County was chosen to be the location for this professional semester because of its abundance of outdoor recreation and gives the students an opportunity to apply the skills that they have learned.

The projects which will take place are:

  • An outdoor recreation assessment, in which the students will create an inventory and analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities regarding the outdoor recreation opportunities in Fremont County.
  • An outdoor recreation collaborative toolkit for several collaboratives throughout the state that has the potential to transform communities that rely on outdoor recreation and tourism economy. In order to do this, they need a toolkit of the "best practices" for these types of collaboratives.
  • The Office of State Lands “Bus Loops” and BLM trails public scoping, in which the students will gather feedback on the "Bus Loops" and BLM trails through a public scoping process students will gather feedback through a public scoping process. The Bus Loop is a piece of public accessible state land that is a popular recreational spot for the people of Lander. This information will be part of the Lander BLM’s National Environmental Policy Act process.
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