It's playoff time in fantasy football. If you've made is this far with a chance to win your league, chances are that your team has stayed relatively healthy all season. But then again, there could be one or two guys that you need to make a move for.

Before I start with this week's moves, just know you can save yourself some time from reading this if you check out the new podcast 'The Pregame with Mat and Jax'. We've also doubled up this week, so there's two each week. Part 2 can be found at the hyperlink above. That being said, let's get to the moves you can make for a better finish in these fantasy football playoffs, whether you're playing for money or just your pride at this point...

If you made your fantasy playoffs, it's doubtful that you're looking for a quarterback at this point, but if you have someone that's been under-producing, Taysom Hill is in to start again this week for the New Orleans Saints as Drew Brees is still recovering from injury. By ESPN fantasy leagues standards, Hill is still available in 25 percent of leagues.

Kirk Cousins is another viable option at quarterback this week. He's had over 300 yards passing in each of his last three games and is still available in over 50 percent of leagues.

In case you're wondering about Jalen Hurts, who will be starting for the Philadelphia Eagles as he subs in for the struggling Carson Wentz this week, this would be one to stay away from. Not only is it the first career start for the young Hurts, but he's also facing a tough Saints defense at the same time. Not a safe play at all.

At running back, Christian McCaffrey may NOT be back as expected. He is now dealing with a thigh injury that developed early this week in practice. However, this is one to watch out for, because he still very will could play. It's likely that it will be decided Saturday or before game time on Sunday, so keep an eye out for this. Also, for those with Mike Davis, don't bail on him yet in the event that McCaffrey is not okay to play.

I've been talking about getting the Detroit Lions' D'Andre Swift in your lineup IF HE'S HEALTHY. The past couple weeks, he's been out with a concussion, then a non-Covid related illness. If he plays this week, put him in your lineup. He has a favorable matchup against a Green Bay Packers defense that struggles against the run.

For the Washington Football Team, Antonio Gibson is out this week at running back and that means J.D. McKissic will be their go-to out of the backfield, especially if you're in a PPR league. McKissic caught 10 passes out of the backfield last week for 70 yards and you know that Alex Smith will look to him on plenty of checkdown plays.

At wide receiver this week, there's really one guy that's likely to be a boom or a bust, and that is the Buffalo Bills' Cole Beasley. He's put up solid numbers all year, including 9 catches for 130 yards last week and a touchdown. He's still available in 35 percent of leagues.

If you're in a crunch at tight end right now, keep in mind that Zach Ertz came off of injured reserved last week. In Jalen Hurts' first career NFL start, you can bet he'll be a familiar veteran target that the rookie will look to more than a few times. Another tight end to look out for is Cole Kmet on the Chicago Bears. He's a big target with some speed and has really come alive in their offense recently, including another touchdown last week. The huge downside is that Mitch Tribusky is their quarterback, but Kmet still may get plenty of targets.

There it is. Round one of your fantasy football playoffs is starting up this week so make the moves you need to and trust the guys that have gotten you this far. Good luck to everyone, unless you're playing against me this week!

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