Celebrities and the upper crust of society can't seem to get enough of Wyoming. Just a few weeks ago, Kendall Jenner visited Wyoming to get a cowboy tattoo and attend the rodeo (missed it? Here's a link!) Today the news is abuzz with yet another celeb visiting Wyoming - this time to tie the knot.

Facebook Royalty Gets Hitched

Sheryl Sandberg and her new husband, Tom Bernthal, headed to an undisclosed ranch located somewhere in the Cowboy State (my bet is one Jackson) for their wedding ceremony on Saturday, August 20.

Sandberg is most famous for her most recent role as Facebook and Meta's Chief Operating Officer (COO), a position she recently stepped down from this month. Her husband, Bernthal, is a former NBC news producer and the founder and CEO of the marketing firm Kelton Global.

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Sandberg walking with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Getty Images

Taking a Look at the Western Nuptials

The couple gathered for a touching, Western-themed ceremony in perhaps some of the country's most iconic "western" scenery: a.k.a the beauty of Wyoming. The wedding featured other Western touches; the groom wore cowboy boots and jeans, according to People magazine.

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Sheryl Sanberg and her husband, Tom Bernthal. Credit: Getty Images

The Couple Celebrates Their Union

Sheryl shared a pic from the wedding day on her Instagram, saying, "MARRIED ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️"

Her hubby, meanwhile, shared the same picture with a tear-jerking message:

"After both experiencing loss, @sherylsandberg and I weren't sure we would ever find love again. Over the last three years, we’ve merged our lives and blended our families. Our wedding today was a dream come true.

Tom's post likely references the loss of Sheryl's husband, Dave Goldberg, who was lost in a tragic accident in 2015, and perhaps his own divorce from his first wife, Leah Bernthal.

The couple's five children from previous marriages attended the event. In an interview with People Magazine, Sheryl said, "We keep saying, 'We're all getting married." How sweet is that?

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