An official with the Enroll Wyoming Program is reminding people that open enrollment for the Health Insurance Marketplace under the Federal Affordable Care Act will start on November 1.

Tracy Brosius says since WINHealth has announced they won't be participating in the marketplace, that means the roughly 7,500 state residents who have been getting coverage in the marketplace through that company will have to switch to Blue Cross/Blue Shield coverage.

But she says Blue Cross Blue Shield of Wyoming officials have assured Enroll Wyoming that they intend to continue coverage in the state through 2016.

Brosius says navigators with Enroll Wyoming are currently scheduling open enrollment events throughout Wyoming. The navigators can help people fill out the necessary paperwork to get enrolled, as well as answer any questions.

Brosius says one of the most common misconceptions concerns the eligibility guidelines for tax credits to help cover the cost of insurance on the marketplace.

She says the guidelines allow for tax credits for people making up to four times the federal poverty income level. She says for a family of four that works out to a household income of roughly $90,000 per year, while for a single person the cutoff is an income of about $40,000. But she says people who are offered health coverage through their jobs aren't eligible for the credits unless the premiums cost more than 9.5% of their household income.

Brosius says people can talk to a navigator or find out when open enrollment events are scheduled near them by calling 211 anywhere in the state. Scheduling information is also available on the Enroll Wyoming website.

Brosius says open enrollment will end on January 31, 2016.

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