While a break away from the daily grind should be all about kicking back and relaxing, a new survey suggests that most hardworking Americans do not seem to understand the concept of a vacation.

In fact, nearly 60 percent of working class citizens reported that they are not relieved from work stress while they are on holiday, and only nine percent claim to actually forget about work and just take it easy.

What’s worse is that while workers are wasting their vacations worrying about their jobs, 27 percent of them go back to work even more stressed out than when they left. Maybe that’s because while they’re getting R  &R, 42 percent feel the need to check in with the office at least every other day and seven percent of these psychotics check in multiple times a day.

The problem appears to be due to a lack of communication between upper management and employees regarding their time off, leaving 83 percent of people unsure about their responsibilities to the company while on vacation simply because vacation policies are not gone over properly or understood.

Still, even though the majority of working Americans cannot seem to enjoy themselves away from the office, 84 percent claim that paid time off is not only instrumental to their happiness and well being, but to keeping a positive attitude within the workplace.


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