Nothing terribly new to say here. I am not a doctor or any health official, nor an official of any kind. But because of that, I also have some realistic views on how you may be handling your quarantine time - and how you could be handling it.

I like to think that I'm pretty good at enjoying some quiet time at home...and have now been proven very wrong. Apparently I like a moment to relax in the evening - not the entire evening, or day, or days. So I'm already prepping plenty of ways to stay active and stimulated while staying at home (clearly, this post will be for the busy-bodies among us).

Spring clean that corona away. If you haven't already done this, here's your firm reminder. 'Tis the season, after all. Just be aware of how much garbage you accumulate and whether or not your collection day is expected as normal. We've all stocked up on plenty of cleaning materials, but there are great cheat-tricks to improvise if needed as well.

All that food you just hoarded from the supermarket? Well, cook with it. You'll be eating out less anyway. Here are 40 easy pantry-based meals and a few even simpler ones to make with your new plethora of cans. And at worst, some home-cooking or baking can keep the whole family entertained for a while!

Itching to be active? Yeah, that's my downfall. And with the weather promising to roll into Wyoming soon, outdoor activities aren't very inviting (plus, I'm a wimp). I've gotten very good at finding ways to still be active at home however, whether with my favourite free yoga instructor, or an entire playlist of movement exercises for literally anyone. It's amazing how much just a little movement can calm you down when cooped at home.

And of course, the basic at-home activities: reading (I've got an Age of Piracy historical novel that has been lurking on my bedside table for literally months), writing (look up prompts if you need to! it can be a lot of fun - also for a family), never underestimate old-fashioned board games, and absolutely, call your friends and family! Just try really hard not to talk about the virus situation; there's enough of that already, find something different to focus on. Tell them about the book you started reading instead - it'll be good for you.

Really feeling that hide-at-home-hermit-vibe? Naturally, I also have movie ideas:

  • On-topic: Contagion (I've noticed many people re-watching this lately...morbid souls), 28 Days Later, Perfect Sense, I Am Legend, Quarantine... and an entire list made of "coronavirus advice films", for laughs or better yet-
  • Good for the times: The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Wall-E, The Impossible, Miracle, Coach Carter, Zombieland, Atlantis: The Lost Empire, Big Fish, 42, Dodgeball**

**trying to get some sports in for you fans out there, okay

As everyone else has said: stay safe, stay healthy, be smart, and don't panic

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