If you're ever in a bad mood, there's one thing that will bring almost everyone out of the mood.


I've seen people in tears because a pup licked their hand, and hold on if they pick the puppy up. Some people will actually lose their minds. Tears, giggles, laughter and all around happiness. I've seen people cross a street just for the off chance they will be able to interact with a dog.

According to Pets For Patriots.org, studies have shown that interactions with big dogs, little dogs, ANY dogs, releases the 'cuddle chemical'...or better known as oxytocin. The feeling you get when this is released is relaxation and trust, while losing stress and anxiety. Actually, research in the journal of Science reported that even looking into a dogs eyes will cause a spike of oxytocin.

To get the day started, some of us need coffee or soda to get rolling...there are others that will just watch dog videos. That's really all it takes.

WARNING: Not responsible for lost time because of puppy videos. WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK

  • Click the YouTube App
  • Type in puppies
  • Spend an ample amount of time watching puppies
  • Cue: Great Mood.

Western Extreme Pointing Labs out of Thermopolis is the breeder/trainer that donated a started gun dog to a veteran last summer. Adrian Padilla is the name of the man behind the puppies. He's been keeping his Instagram followers up to date about his current litter....I'm telling you you're going to melt.

For full effect, make sure your audio is on.


Now that you're in full on 'AWE' mode, I thought we should leave you with a little extra dose of 'AWE'.

A video titled 'Ultimate Dog Tease' has over 206 MILLION views on the Talking Animals YouTube channel. 

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