Line dancing is a dancing style that's been around since the 1800's and has been a staple of the American dance scene ever since. In the 1980's thanks to movies like 'Urban Cowboy' & in the 1990's thanks to Billy Ray Cyrus 'Achy Breaky Heart', there was a surge of line dancing and you could go to any country dance club and see dancers lined up kickin' up sawdust to all the top country songs.

Even though that trend has died down a little, you can still see folks going heel to toe and doing the dosey doe when a song comes on that has the perfect feel.

Did you know there was actually a 'Wyoming' line dance? Yep, me either, until I was cruising around YouTube and landed on a video from ATKaufeld that was simply titled 'Wyoming'.

It's the only video that was uploaded and you can tell it was shot quite a while ago. The comments on the video are limited, but they're from 13 years ago. That would mean the video is from around 2009, maybe.

The song that's being used for the dance is credited to Steven J. Towers and the choreography is Tiny Kaufeld. Interestingly enough, there's not much to be found about Steven J. Towers or the song he's singing. What I can say though, is those dancers were enjoying every step, turn and slide that went to the dance.

Is line dancing a lost art? Have you ever chosen a song about Wyoming and came up with your own line dance? If so, we want to see what your dance is all about. Shoot us a message with all the two steppin' fun.

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Check out the Wyoming line dance.

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