If you’re a Brown and Gold fan on Saturdays, who also bleeds orange on Sundays, at least we have Denver kicking butt. Since the shellacking in Laramie, I've been bummed every time I think about it. But Sunday at 2:25 p.m. was Mile High Time.

I mean let’s focus on what totally cheered me up on Sunday. I know I’m not the only one who was afraid of Dallas, even at Mile High. Forgive me, but when still in the first quarter a weather delay came, it occurred all the momentum was lost, right? Come on now, you were thinking, “Oh no, The Cowboys will go to their locker room early and make adjustments just like at half-time and then it’ll be like we’re playing the real Dallas Cowboys again.” Why would I accuse you of thinking that? Yes, because that’s exactly what I was thinking. Well, oh we of little faith. We can’t be judged for not believing in our Broncos just yet after one game, can we?

I was also dreading the Dallas Cowboys, I’d forgotten who we beat in that first game. (Oh yeah, it was just the Chargers.) After watching the Broncos run defense last year, I was not looking forward to trying to stop last year’s league-leading rusher. Man, did I have no idea how much better the Broncos really are, but after nine carries for eight yards, Zeke Elliott is probably still having nightmares of Derek Wolfe and Damato Peko. Yes, eight yards, that’s eight total.

Now it’s fun to see reports like this one on Offensive Coordinator Mike McCoy. After Sunday’s game, he said we should have scored 50 points because he wants to score every time the offense has the ball. “That’s my mentality.” I’d heard the idea for this new offense is to score, but holy cow, I think they really do believe they can. Ya know what, if they give me another game or two to shake off the old mentality of our offense, I think I might be able to start believing, myself, for real.

Since this past Sunday, I enjoyed another article that asked, “What did they get wrong about the Broncos?” Yeah, the national sports media gets a lot wrong, but up until now, I was also quite wrong about my own team – because they really are this good! Can I just tell you it’s not the only moment I was thrilled to see how wrong I was. Luckily, these Broncos saved my football weekend.

Go Broncos, AND go Pokes!

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