The global population of Asian elephants is fewer than 35,000 - that's why it's important that bulls, or 'bachelors', get great care which the zoo can provide.

Seems it was just the other day that young Asian elephants Jake and Chuck were caught 'spooning' at the Denver Zoo shortly after their arrival from Canada.

Our Community Now has the story on how the two have officially become acclimated to the zoo and the other Asian elephants and are now true members of the herd.

So, they now have FIVE- Jake, Chuck, Groucho, Bodhi, and Billy. That makes it the largest male herd in America!

Next time you visit, you may see all of them together, or put together in smaller groups (depending on the guys' moods that day), but they're all there in Denver!

Get more on the elephants, their care, and the Denver Zoo from Our Community Now HERE!

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