Wyoming Cowboys wrestling head coach Mark Branch has announced that the school will still award Doyle Trout his scholarship despite a recent injury.

Trout was severely hurt in a one-car accident Sunday near Waco, Nebraska. After the incident, he had to have his left leg amputated above the knee.

Trout was a four-time Nebraska state champion.

Branch visited Doyle in the hospital on Monday in Lincoln.
In a released statement Branch said,
“Our thoughts and prayers are with Doyle and his family. Doyle is a strong young man, and he was in good spirits when we saw him on Monday. This is obviously a life-changing incident, but he is a young man who is equipped to handle this. He is still part of our family. We told his family when we saw them that nothing changes on our end, we will honor his scholarship, and he is still a Wyoming Cowboy. We want Doyle and his family to know that we are here to support them any way we can."

Branch also said, “We’re thankful that he didn’t have any life-threatening injuries. Given the severity of the accident, it is amazing that he will be able to move forward and live a healthy life.”

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