Rocket Fizz in Laramie is known for their large selection of both candies and sodas. Some of the flavors that they offer though are.... questionable. I know my favorite thing for stocking stuffers is to get one "weird" flavor of soda for my unsuspecting family members, but one YouTube family took it to an extreme.

The B Family posted a video where one member knew the flavors and shared the dastardly scheme with the audience watching. His girlfriend thought she was taste-testing different flavors of Coca Cola while blindfolded, but instead, he made her try Pumpkin Pie (which she thought was diet cherry?) And then Buffalo Wing Soda, Ranch Dressing, Sweet Corn, Peanut Putter and Jelly, and lastly the dreaded Bacon flavor.

All of the sodas were purchased on Amazon, but the brand of soda, "Lester's Fixin's" is a staple in Rocket Fizz's repertoire.

After watching the video, I'm confused as to how the unsuspecting girlfriend let it go on for so long before taking her blindfold off. What a strong stomach that girl has. Have you ever tried the "weird flavors" at Rocket Fizz?


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