Just to the be clear, the virus was fund AT Old Faithful, NOT IN!

State health officials were testing wastewater from 11 sites around the state. Testing sewage is one of the fastest ways to find out if Covid-19 is in a community.

One of the 11 sites was Yellowstone National Park.

The Wyoming Public Health Laboratory also found the coronavirus in Sheridan, Casper, Laramie and two sites in Yellowstone National Park, including at Old Faithful.

It would make sense to detect the virus in areas where a lot of out of state visitors are in and out everyday. It would not make any sense to try and test every visitor to the park, or any town that welcomes large numbers of tourists every day.

Yet these are also the very areas where we see the least amount of social distancing and mask wearing.

We reported, back when Yellowstone first opened, that tourists packed the park the moment they were allowed in and almost no one was wearing a mask and everyone was cramming together.

This begs the question, if a bear or buffalo attacks a tourist that has coronavirus, is the animal at risk of getting it...? 

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