A Colorado man has been sentenced to three to five years in the state penitentiary, with time already served, for possession of methamphetamine in Albany County District Court.

Scott Preston McCauley was stopped by and Albany County Sheriff’s deputy on June 16, 2016 on U.S. 287 for speeding and having a cracked windshield, according to court documents.

The deputy reportedly smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle and asked McCauley about it. McCauley allegedly admitted that he had marijuana in the vehicle. A search of McCauley’s person allegedly turned up methamphetamine and a marijuana joint in McCauley’s pockets.

According to court documents, deputies also found an amount of methamphetamine weighing more than three grams.

Albany County District Judge Tori Kricken said when making her decision she considered McCauley’s two prior convictions of a possession of a controlled substance, McCauley’s lack of positive contributions to society, that he was a drain on resources a drain on resources, and a danger to society by introducing meth to the community.

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