How many truly big mountain peaks does Wyoming have over 2000 above the surrounding terrain? At least 35 is the answer.

Josh Super has ascended all 35 of Wyoming’s most prominent peaks. It took him two years to find the time to get to and climb them all.

According to, he is also the first person to have accomplished this.

“It felt fantastic to complete this list,” Super said. “Not a lot of people summit these peaks, and there were so many times where I had the mountains to myself. It was a whole new way to experience Wyoming.” (Cody Enterprise). 

Josh was not born in Wyoming. He and his wife moved to the state back in 2020.

The mountains captivated him and he wanted to climb them all.

“It was a list I was captivated by – both because nobody had done it before and because it seemed like a pretty doable list,” Super said. “For example, the Montana list has over 100 peaks with over 2,000 feet in prominence. So 35 seemed like a doable number.” (Cody Enterprise). 

Climbing these high places takes a lot of planning.

Some of Wyoming's highest mountains can be climbed by just walking up.

The snowy range is one example.

There is a parking area and trails that go up and over. Hikers are up there every day.

But some places require being an expert rock climber, ropes, and all.

Some of Wyoming's highest places are hard to get to just to climb.

One cannot just drive up to the base and then walk up. It takes hiking and camping to get to the starting point.

You can read the entire story with Josh's account in this article in the Cody Enterprise. newspaper. 

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