The Laramie City Council will reconsider a resolution authorizing an $11,666 cost share with the Laramie Regional Airport, in order to help the airport upgrade its internet service.

The City Council voted to approve the resolution during its Feb. 2 meeting, but then voted to reconsider the approval during its Feb. 20 meeting.

LAR approached the city and the county looking for assistance in funding upgrades to its internet service by installing fiber to the airport property to serve the Professional Airpark and the Research Center, Cowboy Aviation, terminal and administrative buildings.

Laramie Mayor Andrea Summerville said the council voted to reconsider the move after a citizen voiced concerns about the process that the airport board went through to create the cost share proposal. Summerville said the city council voted to reconsider the approval and will discuss it during their meeting Tuesday.

According to City Council documents, fiber is being installed in the National Guard Facility which is being built east of the airport, which presents an opportunity to extend fiber from the facility to the airport.

LAR estimates the cost of that extension to be $35,000. To cover the costs, the airport proposed a cost share with the city and the county, in which each would contribute a third of the project costs – about $11,666 each.

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