Anyone that lives in Cheyenne probably dreads the city's roundabouts. And when I think about Roundabouts in Cheyenne, the one that sticks out the most is the one on Pershing Blvd. For the most part, it's not the worst to navigate, but if you try and hit that bad boy at rush hour, good luck. It's filled with people that don't really know how roundabouts work and people ready to run everyone else over. There's no in-between.

At some point, after building the monstrosity, the City of Cheyenne realized that this was a terrible idea. No kidding. So they paid money to have someone look into the awful roundabout that they had to put in. They enlisted a company that specializes in roundabouts(what an awful job). The company MTJ Engineering inspected and studied the roundabout. They decided to use a drone to see how we use the roundabout on Pershing.

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MTJ Engineering has a whole page dedicated to this roundabout if you care to check it out here. It basically goes through and points out mistakes that were made while building the roundabout and what the City should do to fix it.

I can only imagine what City Hall was like when they finished building the roundabout. The number of calls they probably got and the realization that it may not have been the change they needed to make. Though, I will say it's better than a stoplight.

Oh well, at least we know they tried at some point to fix it.

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