As of Monday, Cheyenne Regional Medical Center had 31 people hospitalized for COVID 19, and the hospital has recorded 7 deaths from the virus over the past week.

That's according to the CRMC Facebook page.

According to the post, two of the patients hospitalized had been fully vaccinated and one had been partially vaccinated. The rest were unvaccinated. One of the 7 people who died had been fully vaccinated, the other six were unvaccinated.

But none of the 10 people in the ICU or of the eight on ventilators had been vaccinated, according to CRMC. Below is a graphic from the hospital Facebook page:

May be an image of ‎text that says '‎Cheyenne Regional COVID-19 Totals 31 Total hospitalized İጥ 28 NOT VACCINATED 2 FULLY VACCINATED PARTIALLY VACCINATED 10 In the ICU (includes ICU level patients on other floors) İİİİİİİİİİ NOT VACCINATED FULLY VACCINATED VACCINATED 15 Bed ICU کی On a Ventilator İİதİடİ 8 NTCNATED o FULLY VACCINATED PARTIALLY VACCINATED 7 6 1 Deaths: 12/13/21 12/19/21 NOT VACCINATED FULLY VACCINATED COVID-19 Patient Length-of-Stay 24 1 Week or longer 15 2 Weeks or longer 7 1 Month or longer CRMC STATUS AS OF 12/20/2021‎'‎

As of yesterday [Dec. 20], 43 percent of Wyoming residents were fully vaccinated, according to the Wyoming Department of Health.

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