The Laramie solid waste division is anxious to see the outcome of Cheyenne’s new “My Waste” app. Cheyenne launched the new app to help citizens manage their garbage, recyclables and yard waste more easily.

Solid Waste Manager Brooks Web says that the city would consider a similar app for Laramie.

“We have talked about it in the past but never made that final push, and we are anxious to see how it works for Cheyenne.”  Webb said. “We will watch Cheyenne and go from there.”

Webb said Laramie currently shares waste information a few different ways.

“Anytime a new person signs up for garbage collection we give them a brochure, they get a recycling brochure with the recycling information. The city web page has lots of information, such as an interactive map where you can put in your address and see collection times and other information.”

Webb feels that Laramie has most of the bases covered, except for the influx of students every fall and spring semesters.

“The only time we really have issues is when new students come into town who haven’t used the system. We get a lot of phone calls – it feels like we are constantly chasing that battle,” Webb says.

Webb says that the calls and web page visits from new students generally calm down after a few weeks.

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