In the Cheyenne Frontier Days Party Zone, you’ll stand all night, with beer, mud and who knows what being spilled on you. We asked if you think it’s worth it, and the poll results quickly poured in ... a fairly solid “NO!”

The Cheyenne Frontier Days FAQs webpage explains the Party Zone as:

“... not for the faint of heart! This area is designed for those wishing to get close to the stage while enjoying a party atmosphere. It is standing-room-only, and it is general admission through one of four portal entries. There is no age restriction, but we do not recommend bringing small children into the Party Zone.”

Prefer a regular seat?  Or can you handle The Party Zone?

Seat! I'm getting too old for the Party Zone. … 40.59 Percent 

Tough call - depends on the headliner. … 36.63 Percent  

Party Zone! It's close, and I'll be feeling no pain. … 22.77 Percent   

Some of our Facebooker’s comments:

Dana Schabel Heying My daughter and her boyfriend love it, because it's an area where they can swing dance. 
Tabetha Rundle
Tabetha Rundle There were multiple fist fights in SRO Wednesday night during the Luke Bryan Concert. The pushing and shoving mixed with too much booze and everyone and their mother trying to push thru the line to get right up front has really turned SRO into a $#!+ show.
Sheldon Campbell
Sheldon Campbell Back in Day that area was all nice grass.
Tamme Karash
Tamme Karash Seats too short there always that one guy who pushes his way to the front 
Denise Morrill Jensen
Denise Morrill Jensen They have a huge open area in front of the stage now. Not worth the wait in line anymore.
Sean Schneidmiller
Sean Schneidmiller Seat to watch amateurs in zone ... lol
Jennifer Ballesteros
Jennifer Ballesteros I agree, I was in the party zone twice this week and better crowd control is definitely needed. Had a group of girls behind us dancing but also pushing, shoving and slamming into people so that they could move towards the stage. 
106.3 Cowboy Country
106.3 Cowboy Country Oh, boy, we didn 't even mention the fight frenzy. Nice. ... Hey thanks for all the good comments, y'all. 

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