It's always sad to see a business in our community go. You develop feelings and memories from each interaction you have with the business, the business owner, and whatever service you would get from them.

In the case of La Fleur Florist in Cheyenne, it's not so much a sad ending as more of congratulations and thanks for the years of service, and enjoy your retirement. or at least that's what their plans are according to a post from Downtown Cheyenne DDA.

It's looking like they're all ready, ready for what retirement will bring them with the post they shared a couple of weeks ago.

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That really is the American dream, isn't it? Working and putting in time into something you love, then finally giving yourself your own send-off after years of hard work. That's really ideal. We should all be so lucky when that time comes. There's no word that I've seen online yet as to what will take its place, so we'll have to wait and see.

It really is incredible that they were servicing Cheyenne for 15 years. That's a lot of weddings, funerals, I'm sorry's, Happy Mother's Days, and just because you love flowers. Florists really do a lot for the community and our own traditions. While it's great that they made it to this milestone, part of Downtown will smell a little less sweet with them closing up shop.

With that, let's all wish them a happy retirement. It's not so long, it's see you later.

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