This is one of my favorite things to find on social media. Videos of people moving cattle across the country. I know it's everyday life for some folks, but for others, it's really intriguing that that is their life. The show Yellowstone has definitely glorified herding cattle, and I think we can all agree with that. But, it's really cool to see it happen, with real-life people doing it.

I also love watching cattle dogs when they move cattle. Just seeing them in action, making sure the herd stays in line, and moving the cattle along is really cool, too. I love working breed dogs. You get a good shot of a working dog in this video as well.

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The video says they moved the herd 30 miles which is impressive. You see them cross through Big Horn to do so. Now, you won't see Rip from Yellowstone in the video, but you'll probably see a real-life version of him.

Check it out.

Just seeing that massive longhorn bull walk off the trailer was a lot of fun. It had to move its head to make it happen. Probably happens all the time to the poor fella. I couldn't imagine going through my life having to move my head to make it through doorways.

What did you think? Are you ready to grab a horse and a rope to get to work? Or, do you just want to watch another video on TikTok? I'm in the latter portion, but maybe one day.

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