Finally some economic good news we can take advantage of.  Laramie Live has 3 new coupons from 3 great local restaurants. 1. The Cav at Fort Sanders (The Cavalryman) has a coupon for 20% off your entire bill (Expires 5/1/11), 2. The New Mandarin Chinese Restaurant has a coupon for 10% Dinner orders when you spend $20 (Expires 12/3/11),  and 3. The Great Wall Chinese Restaurant has a Lunch Buffet for only $6.99!

Please printout these coupons and enjoy one of these great Laramie restaurants for less today!

Check out Laramie Food Coupons on Laramie Live:

1. New Mandarin Coupon
2. The Cav at Fort Sanders (The Cavalryman) Coupon
3. The Great Wall Coupon

On the page click on the coupon button and printout

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