Just over 42 percent of Wyoming residents are Cowboy State natives according to a recent report from the United States Census Bureau.

Of the 577,737 people currently living in Wyoming, 244,957 were born here. Among the 332,780 transplants, most migrated from other western states. 34,500 came from Colorado, nearly 30,000 from California, just under 26,000 from Utah, just under 17,000 from Nebraska and South Dakota, close to 15,000 from Montana, nearly 14,000 from Texas, and slightly less than 10,000 moved here from Idaho. Nearly 23,000 Wyoming residents, almost four percent of the state's population, immigrated from a foreign country.

Several eastern states have fewer than 500 natives who currently live in Wyoming, including Rhode Island (130), the District of Columbia (219), Vermont (266), and New Hampshire (493).

Thousands of Wyoming natives have also migrated to other states. Colorado now has over 40,000 transplants from the Cowboy State, Texas has nearly 28,000, California has almost 24,000, Utah has close to 20,000, while nearly 16,000 people born in Wyoming have moved to Montana and Washington, respectively.




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