The Catholic Diocese of Cheyenne has announced that it will be extending to April 17, 2020, the policies and procedures that were put in place on March 20, 2020.

These include the suspension of all public Masses. Baptisms, anointing of the sick, and reconciliation (also known as confession) are also suspended except for serious illness and danger of death.

As the policies have been extended, there will be no public services for Holy Week and Easter will take place. The diocese is currently waiting for confirmation on information concerning live streaming Bishop Steven Biegler celebrating Holy Week Services.

The Diocese of Cheyenne continues to contribute to various charities that support COVID-19 relief in Wyoming and throughout the world. In addition, individual parishes across the state are reaching out to those in need.

The Director of Communications for the Diocese of Cheyenne, Diana Marie Waggener, stated that the "virtue of solidarity is what drives the decisions that are being made at the diocesan level in response to COVID-19. For us to promote the good health of all, we must encourage one another to act in unison in solidarity and maintain social distancing, which does not stop us from reaching out to one another with phone calls, emails, letters, and various other communication platforms available to us."

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