A man accused of working with two teenagers to damage 71 different vehicles in Casper, pleaded guilty to a felony charge Monday morning in Natrona County District Court.

Renaldo Curley, 22, pleaded guilty to one count of felony count of property damage as part of a plea deal. In exchange, prosecutors will recommend a sentence of boot camp and leave any decision on a prison or jail term up to Judge Catherine E. Wilking.

Wilking said Monday she will consider plea recommendations from both the prosecution and defense, but also may impose a sentence of her own choosing. At most, Curley could face up to 10 years in prison and a $10,000 fine.

Curley also agreed to pay restitution for victims who submit damage estimates that can be verified.

Court documents say Curley and two juveniles from June 14-16 allegedly spray-painted the vehicles with either pink or black paint, smashed side mirrors or slashed tires.

Most of the damaged vehicles were in the Paradise Valley and the Explorer/Tree neighborhoods.

One night during the vandalisms, a resident heard a man near his house and yelled at him. The man then got into an older white Ford Explorer and took off.

Shortly thereafter, a Casper police officer saw the Explorer on CY Avenue and followed it to a home in Paradise Valley.

Police found that Curley and two teenage boys had been in the Explorer. All reportedly admitted to spray-painting cars, and the teenagers had spray paint on their hands, according to court documents.

Police allegedly spray paint cans and a knife in the Explorer.

All three reportedly told police that they damaged vehicles at random, and the teens allegedly said they were having a competition over who could spray-paint the most cars.

They reportedly planned to head out one more time and then stop, because they felt they were likely to get caught.

Curley allegedly said he got caught up in the moment and had been hanging out with the teenagers because they were his friends, and he didn't fit in with anyone else.

Curley also allegedly said there would not have been so much damage had he driven the teenagers around town.

Investigators reportedly estimate total damage at roughly $20,000. At last check, police were still trying to determine who did what to which vehicle.

Curley remains free on $20,000 bond pending sentencing. Charges against the juveniles are pending.

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